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Football Memorabilia - Football Program

Not many people want to keep their football program collection squirreled away.  They usually want to show off their collection to people who stop by their homes and may be interested in seeing it.  To do this effectively, you will need to invest in display cases.  You won’t be able to get just any case […]

Collecting Football Programs - Football Programmes For Sale

If you’re interested in buying football programmes for sale, then there are different places that you can check out.  Instead of searching offline though, you may want to focus your efforts online.  Looking for them online will offer the most convenience. Tips for Buying Football Programmes for Sale Online You don’t have to take a […]

Collecting Football Programs - Football Programmes Memorabilia

Do you have a collection of football programmes memorabilia?  Some people collect these old things just for sentimental reasons, something that they can look back on when they get older.  However, other collectors are in it for the money. How Much is Your Football Programmes Memorabilia Worth? If you are mainly concerned about how much […]

Eagle football mascot Collecting Football Programs - Vintage College Football Programs

When it comes to sports memorabilia, most people invest their energy into getting balls, jerseys, shoes, and other items.  Vintage college football programs can also have some value depending on various factors.  If you want to get started collecting them, pay attention to some of the following tips. How to Get Started Collecting Vintage College […]

Auction Collecting Football Programs - Football Memorabilia Auctions

Football memorabilia auctions are a great way to add to your football program collection.  However it is easy to get carried away and end up either paying too much for the program that you want or, worse, buying a program that you do not really want.  This is called “Auction Fever” and can happen to […]

American Football Field Collecting Football Programs - Old Football Programmes

Some people spend years collecting old football programmes.  Doing so can be a very good investment since they typically rise in value over time.  At some point though, you may want to unload some or all of the pieces in your collection. Collector’s Guide to Selling Old Football Programmes Whenever you do this, you will […]